v. inform, notify, make aware; appreciate, raise the value of; estimate, value, appraise

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • apprizing — apprizˈing or apprisˈing noun (Walter Scott; archaic) The sheriff s sentence directing property to be apprized • • • Main Entry: ↑apprize …   Useful english dictionary

  • apprize — apprize1 apprizer, n. /euh pruyz /, v.t., apprized, apprizing. Obs. appraise. [1400 50; late ME aprisen < MF apris(i)er, equiv. to a A 5 + prisier to PRIZE2] apprize2 /euh pruyz /, v.t., apprized, apprizing. apprise1. * * * …   Universalium

  • apprize — transitive verb (apprized; apprizing) Etymology: Middle English apprisen, from Anglo French *appriser, from a (from Latin ad ) + preiser, priser to value, prize more at prize Date: 14th century value, appreciate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • apprize — (v.) occasional legalese form of APPRAISE (Cf. appraise), c.1400. Related: Apprized; apprizing …   Etymology dictionary

  • apprise — or apprize [ə prīz′] vt. apprised or apprized, apprising or apprizing [< Fr appris, pp. of apprendre, to teach, inform < L apprehendere, APPREHEND] to inform or notify SYN. NOTIFY …   English World dictionary

  • apprizer — zə(r) noun ( s) 1. archaic : appraiser 2. Scots law : a creditor who had an apprizing made …   Useful english dictionary

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